Specialists within IT, compliance

and digitisation

Part of the ComplyCloud family

We work innovatively and effectively with compliance regarding the GDPR, Sanctions and IDD, and we have, in collaboration with ComplyCloud ApS, developed unique software that enables your business to create, measure and monitor all the necessary compliance documents online.

Specialists wihin IT and digitisation

IT contracts

Contracts and advisory on anything from  software development and outsourcing

Data protection, GDPR and compliance

Pragmatic compliance solutions within, for example, the GDPR, Sanctions and IDD

e-commerce and marketing

Documentation and advisory about optimal online presence within the limits of the law

Cyber and IT disputes and IT insurance

Specialist knowledge about all legal and commercial aspects of cyber damages and IT disputes and IT insurance

Experience and specialist knowledge

We have experience and specialist knowledge about all IT related matters. We understand the technical and commercial aspects that are essential for working towards the best solution in matters concerning IT and digitisation.

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